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Only 58% of married couples say their marriage is going very well, and 64% are unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Even as a Christian couple, you may be feeling..


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The Benefits of Intimate Covenant

Biblical Foundation

The wisdom of Scripture is the foundation of our marriage instruction. It is our aim to help couples realize Scripture has much to say about all aspects of marriage – yes, including sex.

Proven Methods

As certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators we can help you identify strengths and weakness in your relationship and provide the tools to help you grow your marriage.


Intimate Covenant can meet you where you are in your marriage because we have been there, too. We speak openly and frankly about the real problems that affect marriages like yours.

A Variety of Learning Options

Along with a weekly podcast, we offer private coaching, pre-marital education, group classes, weekend events, and an annual marriage retreat.


Marriages Transformed by Intimate Covenant


“We have helped hundreds of married couples achieve a fuller relationship and an extraordinary sex life.”


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Is your married sex life extraordinary? This four minute quiz will help you assess your sex life so you can better understand what you need to make progress toward sexual bliss.

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Learn with us about God’s plan for the beauty of redemptive marriage and holy sexuality.

Listen weekly to help grow your marriage.


Let us help you have a better marriage and an incredible sex life.

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We believe God's plan can change your marriage, too! You'll never have to be alone in your marriage again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Deep down, you know that your marriage could be so much more. We want to help you have the conversations that you’re not having— the conversations you didn’t know that you should be having to open up deeper intimacy and more fulfilling sex.
The Bible has much to say about the marriage relationship, including sex. God is not ashamed of sex. He created it and wants married couples to enjoy this blessing. We are committed to teaching a frank, real, and holy view of marital sexual intimacy and how to deal with common obstacles that married couples face.
We’ve been there too. But we know, without doubt, that God’s plan is perfect and His power is capable. The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that your marriage can also be redeemed and restored to loving oneness and joy.

Although well-intentioned, harmful marriage advice is common in Christian circles. In many situations, Christians avoid talking about marriage and sex problems altogether. However, God’s plan for marriage requires attention to all realms of your relationship — spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Intimate Covenant guides couples toward the biblical path of oneness God intended.

Are you tired of settling?

Ready for a fuller married relationship and an extraordinary sex life?

We can help.

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