Fuller relationship & extraordinary sex life

Fuller relationship & extraordinary sex life







Do you feel...

  • Emotionally disconnected from your spouse?
  • Sexually abandoned and frustrated?
  • Trapped by the pressure of silent conflict?
Intimate Covenant helps you navigate difficult conversations and understand your conflict, both in and out of the bedroom.

The Benefits of Intimate Covenant

Biblical Foundation

The wisdom of Scripture is the foundation of our marriage instruction. It is our aim to help couples realize Scripture has much to say about all aspects of marriage – yes, including sex.

Proven Methods

As certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators we can help you identify strengths and weakness in your relationship and provide the tools to help you grow your marriage.


Intimate Covenant can meet you where you are in your marriage because we have been there, too. We speak openly and frankly about the real problems that affect marriages like yours.

A variety of learning options

Along with a weekly podcast, we offer private coaching, pre-marital education, group classes, weekend events, and an annual marriage retreat.
Only 58% of American married couples say their marriage is “going very well”…
64% are unsatisfied with their sex lives.
You read your Bible, go to church, and pray, so why does your marriage still silently struggle and drift apart?
Here’s the problem: The world’s concept of marriage is a disaster and, although well-intentioned, harmful marriage advice is common in Christian circles too.
Intimate Covenant guides couples toward spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical intimacy. This is the biblical path to the oneness God intended for your marriage.

Intimate Covenant is Here to Help

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The weekly podcast where we believe that your Bible and great married sex both belong on your kitchen table!

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Intimate Covenant changed my life

"Over the past 16 years of our marriage we have attended marriage retreats and many marriage classes. Although each has been informative, nothing has compared to the depth and wisdom that Matt and Jenn have provided with an Intimate Covenant. We will forever be indebted to Matt and Jenn for all the effort, passion, and love they have put into an Intimate Covenant."
- Brad and Lydia Walker

Daniel (and Julianne) Baker

“After working with Intimate Covenant we have a deeper understanding of the biblical perspective on intimacy in a marriage relationship. We realized the depth of the bond in marriage grows with complete openness while reconciling the past, understanding the present and moving forward to the future. With a “naked and unashamed” outlook on marriage we move toward a greater union in emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy. While many may shy away from the difficult issues associated with physical intimacy, Matt and Jenn rely on biblical teaching and extensive research to lean into the subject and pave the path to great sex in the marriage bed.”

Brent (and Katie) Moody

“Matt and Jenn provide well researched material for any couple wanting to improve their marriage. They have a passion for helping couples build the kind of marriage relation God intended. Their focus on total intimacy — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual— helped us understand marriage, and all relationships, more clearly.”

LauraLee (and Ross) Harkrider

“ “I felt freedom after listening to these wonderful topics on how to pursue or respond to intimacy in our marriage — freedom because I now understand my role & what strength I have to make our marriage, thus intimacy, more holy.”

How Do I get Started?

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Intimate Covenant Can Help!

We know you long to be a happy and godly married couple who enjoy a full relationship with an extraordinary sex life. But, you need guidance to begin the conversations with your spouse about the deep stuff, especially sex! The problem is Christians don’t talk about sex — it’s not like you’re going to ask the preacher’s wife! So, you’re left with a marraige that’s just “OK” — feeling emotionally and sexually disconnected from your spouse, frustrated and alone. It shouldn’t be this way because this does not reflect the beauty of marriage and sexuality that God intended. We know, we’ve been there. We know how it feels to have emotional and sexual struggles in marriage and to not even know where to start. At Intimate Covenant we have helped hundreds of married couples achieve a fuller relationship and an extraordinary sex life. We believe God’s plan can change your marriage too!

Here is what to do:

  1. Click to access this free resource – PDF “What Does Sex Mean To My Spouse?
  2. Listen to Our Podcast. Learn with us about God’s plan for the beauty of redemptive marriage and holy sexuality.
  3. Join the Covenant Club! As you begin the important conversations with your spouse, you’ll have access to exclusive resources, discussion forums with other covenant-centered couples, monthly live Q&A with Matt & Jenn and discounts on products and services.

Take the first step by reading this free resource, “What Does Sex Mean To My Spouse?”.
You’ll never be alone in your marriage again. Subscribe now to start your marriage journey towards a fuller relationship and an extraordinary sex life!

You can’t require change from your spouse, you can only inspire it

You can’t require change from your spouse, you can only inspire it

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One of the most beautiful and enjoyable things in life is sharing the intimacy and joy of married sex.

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