I Sought Him Whom My Soul Loves


This is a selected recording from our 2019 Marriage Retreat: AWAKEN! Exploring sex and romance in the Song of Songs.

The full set of recordings includes:

  • Introduction to the Song of Songs (36:14)
  • “Let Me Hear Your Voice” (34:09) – Developing emotional intimacy through conversation
  • “I Sought Him Whom My Soul Loves” (51:22)   Understanding the pursuer/responder dynamic
  • “Arise, My Love… And Come Away” (34:30)   Awakening sexual desire and response
  • “I Am Dark, But Lovely” (45:37) – Celebrating godly body image
  • “Catch The Foxes”  (42:54) – Removing barriers to intimacy
  • “Love Is The Very Flame Of The Lord” (25:11) – Conclusion
  • BONUS —Do Not Awaken Love” (01:49:31) – Teaching your children about sex & marriage


This is a selected recording from the 2019 Marriage Retreat.

I Sought Him Whom My Soul Loves Understanding the pursuer/responder dynamic

The marriage bed is a dance of sexual desire, arousal, initiation & rejection. In this recording, Matt & Jenn introduce God’s wisdom in the poem of Song of Songs, chapter 5, to help you understand your role in sexual intimacy

(47 MB, Length: 51:22)