DESIRING An Intimate Covenant -- full set recordings



  • Introduction (37:15)
  • Turning Towards Desire (51:52) — Love is not the same as desire
  • Holy Sexual Desire (1:36:18) — Understanding God’s design of male & female sexuality & desire 
  • Dance of Desire (1:07:24) — Living the dance of sexual desire, arousal, initiation & rejection in the marriage bed
  • Cultivating Desire (37:08) — Learning to ignite desire for what you already have

Complete set of recordings from a weekend seminar held in Chattanooga, TN:  DESIRING An Intimate Covenant (January 2020)

Nearly 5 hours of engaging, scriptural discussion on topics of marital sexuality including: shaping your desire, understanding your (and your spouse’s) sexuality, awakening and cultivating desire and navigating sexual desire differences.