Our Story

Our story is not a fairytale romance. We were broken. But now we know redemption. Our relationship was disconnected. But now we know healing. Our marriage was OK, but now we have extraordinary intimacy and oneness

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If you’ve never heard The Intimate Covenant Podcast, we think this podcast episode is a great place to start. In this episode, Matt & Jenn share their own personal struggles with marriage and sex.

In nearly 25 years of marriage, we have struggled through obstacles created by others and of our own doing. Our story includes sexual sin, abuse, addiction, pain, withdrawal, and conflict. And through it all, we looked just like any other “happy” couple sitting on the pew in front of you on Sunday.

However, by the grace of God and through His plan, today we fully enjoy a marriage relationship that is truly intimate and solid. While our marriage often falls short of perfect unity and we are not ‘certified experts,’ we want others to know the full joy and fulfillment that we share. Further, we are certain that the Lord’s church needs solid marriages with individuals that are founded on and motivated by knowing the fullness of true sacrificial love found only in godly marriage.

Throughout our married lives, we have found great joy and satisfaction in helping other married (and engaged) couples in their journey toward the height of fulfillment that comes from a marriage built on God’s plan. Intimate Covenant is our organized effort to share God’s plan for covenant marriage and holy sexuality. We want to build a vulnerable, but encouraging community of God-focused married couples.

We know how it feels to have spiritual, emotional and sexual struggles in marriage and to not even know where to start. At Intimate Covenant we have helped hundreds of married couples achieve a fuller relationship and an extraordinary sex life. We believe God’s plan can change your marriage too!

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One of the most beautiful and enjoyable things in life is sharing the intimacy and joy of married sex.